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Heroic Public Speaking - Michael Port


Michael Port Founder of Heroic Public Speaking, needed a presentation for an upcoming webinar that would keep his online audience engaged and attentive with large drama type visuals to help tell his story.

Heroic Public Speaking.001.jpg


Michael Port is a professional actor, author, speaker, TV commentator and entreprenur who is always moving and shaking and so is his branding and marketing for his many facets of business ideas.

Heroic Public Speaking.008.jpg


Short on time, Michael had an existing landing page done up so what better way to compliment his already existing brand for his Heroic Public Speaking system. We kept it very simple and easy to read so that it leaves room for him to elaborate deeper and less restrictions with bullets and too much content.

Heroic Public Speaking.013.jpg

Created By: Cory & Camille

Learn more abou Michael Port

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