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How EP came to be:

Our startup story is very simple.

So simple Yancey and Cory didn't even have an idea of what they were starting. Back in 2010 there were only a handful of "Presentation Design" firms around the globe and didn't have much of an understanding of this niche industry.


Both founders coming out of a corporate background with no formal training in design, and a few years of the school of hard knocks, Empowered Presentations was launched in Honolulu, Hawaii shortly after winning the Worlds Best Presentation Contest!


Fast forward to today, a constant learning, changing and growing process. With the ever evolving online and offline platforms of visual communcation being built on a daily basis, keeps the EP team on their toes everyday.

We believe in you. Help us, help you.



What is it worth to you to be able to convey your thoughts, message, pitch, vision to those around you? How big could the impact be if those people took action upon the ideas you want to communicate through your presentation? Priceless. Think about it. You need the services we provide in order to communicate your message, your idea, yourself, more effectively. 


Let us do what we do best, Empower your Presentation! Whether it be a sales pitch, a workshop or seminar, to a TED/TEDx talk, we can help.


"Let us do what we are called to do

so that you can focus on what you are called to be." 


Be the one who reaches out to touch peoples hearts, minds, and opens their wallets to your idea. 

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