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Kick Your Presentation Up a Notch!

We had the pleasure of helping one of our friends and client Scott Hogle VP of Sales for Clear Channel with his presentation on 'How to Become a Closing & Connecting Communicator'.

This was our 4th time we have helped Scott with his presentation and every time he gets more and more refined than the last.

Scott was a guest speaker on Matt De La Cruz's Winning Minds event with roughly 500+ in attendance which is amazing considering Hawaii is such a tiny speck in the middle of the Pacific ocean. To draw a local crowd that size is a feat and Matt does an amazing job prmoting and building for his events. Matt is a pro when it comes to presenting his material and does it so effortlessly because he's been doing it for many years. However since he has been doing it for so long, his visual presentation (PowerPoint) is showing it's dated template format from the 90's...


One segment of Matt's presentation started off with an agenda slide and from the last row in the back of the room could not see a thing, and the next two hours were a blur to say the least. With absolutely zero visuals and black text on white background template. Not to mention 2 videos that were not embedded and linked directly from YouTube which did not work due to the lack of WiFi connectivity was a disaster when Matt attempted to close his presention which left the audience feeling lost and the energy tanked in the entire room.


When Scotts turn to present his segement of the afternoon came we created an impacting opening slide that visually shows a transition from Matt's boring presentation to a new lively visually engaging one as you can see from the extreme back of the room you can cleary see what it says.


Scott did an amazing job connecting with the audience and his visuals helped guide him through his 150 slides, 2 hour presentation not as a crutch to read off, but to visually reinforce his message. We had embedded his videos to play seamlessly in Keynote to prevent the mishap of linking it to YouTube. The audience was engaged and taking notes clearly from the screen because they could see it and didn't have to squint to see the presentation.

nelson mandela.JPG


As a presenter, always put yourself in your audiences shoes to expereince what they experience. Sit in the back of the room and see if you can see your presentaion. This is important if you want to keep your audience engaged from the back of the room. If not they will check out and jump on their phones and Tweet about your bad powerpoint.

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