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East Meets West 2014 by Blue Startups


East Meets West 2014 #EMW14 hosted by Blue Startups needed some assistance with their event that was coming up visuals from tranitions and support so being already involved with Blue Startups we felt drawn to help them.



In the short time frame from when asked to the day of, we we're able to create a animated opening loop branded with the EMW theme of Hawaii and Makapuu along with languages from participating countries welcoming them. Also we created the transition slides as well as a couple of the startup pitch decks that a few companies were involved Yuru and Etourer, and ran the entire show for the multiple panels, 13 pitch decks and announcements.



It was a great event! Many connections made, many speakers spoke, many pitches pitched! The event looked like it was ran with a huge budget with a huge production team! Mahalo Jared and Noah for your help! Hope you all can make it to the next one!

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