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Pineapple Tweed Pitch


Pineapple Tweed, a local PR and Marketing Firm had a pitch coming up in less than 48 hours and had to create a "pitch deck" to pitch to a company looking to hire a firm. As usual good PR and Marketing firms rarely find time to set aside to actually market themselves as word of mouth usually keeps business coming in. In this case, they were asked to pitch against 2 other firms for the same contract.

Pineapple Tweed1.jpg


They had less than 48 hours to pull their content together as it was a last minute request from the client to pitch their company to them and didn't have the time and talent to putll together an amazing deck.

Pineapple Tweed2.jpg
Pineapple Tweed3.jpg


We were able to gather their content from all over the place and made it presentable, clean and braded well from scratch. When time is short, the best thing you can do is leverage the experts to help you craft your story. We were even going to take it a step further, by placing real pineapples in the front of the building, but ran out of time. Did they win the pitch? Not sure yet, but we are sure they made a great visual impression. The rest is in their hands.

Pineapple Tweed4.jpg

Created By: Cory

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